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3D Model Setup for Surfcam

Source:    Author:    Published date: 2007-12-03  
Make sure your axes in your modeling program are oriented the same way as Surfcam. In Surfcam, the X and Y axis define the ground plane (The table top on the CNC Router), and the Z axis defines the vertical plane. If you are using Maya, you might need to change the axes to orient it with Surface's.
Place the model you want to mill below the X-Y modeling plane (Below the Z-0 Axis Location).
Draw a 2-D Box on the X-Y plane that is about 1" larger on all four sides of the model. This should be located on the Z-0 position. This will be used in Surfcam to define the cutting boundaries.

Orient your model in your modeling program so that it is eventually oriented on the Router table.

The 8'-0" Dimension on the Router table corresponds to the X-Axis in Surfcam.

The 4'-0" dimension on the Router table corresponds to the Y-Axis in Surfcam..

Export your 3D model as an IGES File for import into Surfcam.

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